You might not think a lot about how the color of roof shingles impacts overall curb appeal but consider this: The roof is up to 40% of what people see when they look at your home. That’s why if you want to improve curb appeal, the color of your roof shingles has to be a consideration.

The color should complement the other design features of your home’s exterior including siding, shutters, and any visible foundation. This doesn’t mean the colors need to match, but they should work well together. You also don’t want the roof’s color to resemble the siding so closely that they blend together. Instead, there should be enough of a contrast to provide visual interest.

If you’re having trouble visualizing which roof shingle will work best, ask your roofing professionals to bring several samples. Hold them up next to your siding to get a better idea of how the shingle’s color works with the color of your siding and shutters. This makes it easier to imagine the final result rather than simply looking at pictures of the shingles.

Your experienced roofing specialist should be able to offer some advice, but sometimes it comes to a matter of personal preference rather than right or wrong. Still, some general guidelines will point you in the right direction. Below are a few suggested shingle colors for various shades of siding.

  • Red Siding: Black, dark gray, or dark green

  • White Siding: Black, gray, blue, red

  • Gray Siding: Dark green, dark blue, black

  • Brown Siding: Black, brown, dark blue

  • Blue Siding: Black, gray, brown

GAF Shingles: Vibrant, Fade-Resistant Colors

GAF shingles are available in various colors, including popular options, such as black and gray, and regional favorites. From the rustic look of browns and reds to bold choices like gold and beige, GAF offers options to suit any home!

The more you learn about this premium roofing, the easier it is to see why GAF is the country’s #1 roofing shingle. It’s incredibly beautiful and exceptionally durable—and you deserve no less for your Norfolk or Virginia Beach area home.

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