You get a quote from a roofing company, and you’re happy that it’s a little less than you thought. After the project starts, however, you’re hit with additional costs that drive the cost up significantly. This isn’t necessarily shady practices at work—although that does happen with disreputable contractors. Typically when this happens, the possibility of extra fees is outlined in the contract you signed.

Read your contract carefully and understand what is included in the quote. Some roofers only include labor and materials and then add on the actual cost of additional items required to complete the project as needed.

Some of the items that may not be part of your roof replacement quote include:

Extended Warranty Cost

Protecting your investment in a new roof is important, and adding a premium warranty is a smart way to do that. Some roofing companies charge between $250 and $700 to upgrade to a premium warranty, but Integrity Roofing includes this superior protection at no extra cost, so our customers have added peace of mind without the added expense.


After the quote is presented, you may be offered the opportunity to upgrade your gutters, ventilation, underlayment, or other features of your new roof. Making such upgrades can turn a $6,000 job into a $9,000+ job very quickly. That’s not to say the upgrades aren’t worth it; they are often a shrewd investment. It’s just important to have an understanding that these costs add up quickly.

Damaged Decking

We put this last on the list because it’s a very common reason that homeowners end up paying more for their roof replacement. The reason that it can’t be included in the quote is that the roofing company has no way of knowing how many pieces of wood will need to be replaced. That’s why it’s typically listed as a potential additional per-board cost.

If your roof is older or if you’ve ever had a leak—even a small one—there is a good chance that some decking will need to be replaced.

The additional costs for this can be enormous and, depending on the number of damaged boards, can add thousands of dollars to your roofing replacement cost.

UNLESS you use Integrity Roofing.

We’re proud to offer a price-lock guarantee, and we stand behind it even if it hurts. We did a roof installation on a home in Chesapeake and found that every deck board needed to be replaced. Other companies would have tacked on anywhere between $4,200 and $8,400, but we honored our quote even though we lost money on the job. The homeowner didn’t have to pay an extra dime.

That’s the Integrity way. We want our customers to enjoy exceptional results and have a pleasant experience from start to finish. Part of that is knowing that they’ve received an accurate quote and that they won’t have to worry about extra fees and hidden charges being added on after the job has started.

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