It’s that time of year when many neighborhoods become aglow with holiday lights and the warmth and charm of Christmas decorations carefully placed by homeowners. As you get ready to adorn your home with lights and other décor, be sure to execute your plans in a way that won’t damage your roof.

Here are a few tips to ensure your roof comes through the holidays unscathed.

It Should Go Without Saying, But…

…don’t fasten/nail anything directly to the shingles. You’d be surprised at the number of calls Hampton Roads roofing companies get about issues stemming from nail or staples being used on shingles. Remember that it only takes a tiny breach to lead to significant damage. Hanging lights from the eaves or gutters using products designed for this purpose protects your roof from damage while still allowing you to enjoy a holiday glow.

Remember Fire Safety

Nailing a hole in the roof isn’t the only potential way to cause damage when decorating. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore basic fire safety regulations. According to the National Fire Protection Association, holiday decorations are to blame for an average of 790 fires each year (and that doesn’t include Christmas tree fires.)

Make sure your outdoor décor doesn’t lead to a fire by:

  • Using electrical cords specified for outdoor use
  • Leaving room for adequate airflow around spotlights
  • Never overloading electrical outlets
  • Inspecting all cords for damage before using them

Don’t Be a Hero

You want to brag about how your holiday decorating skills are the best. We get it, but you can get the results you want AND ensure proper safety measures are followed by hiring a reputable professional to do the work. As is the case when hiring any contractor, choose one that is licensed and insured and whose work is backed by positive customer reviews.

Companies that provide decorating services will be well-versed in safety regulations and will know how to complete the project in a way that won’t damage your roof.

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